1st International Symposium: “From Democritus to CERN: From Being to non-Being and from the Matter to anti-Matter”, 17-18/5/2018, Avdera, Greece

The organizer of Symposium Avdera Municipality,  UNESCO chair Con-E-Ect &  CERN

The organizer of Symposium Avdera Municipality,  UNESCO chair Con-E-Ect &  CERN

This Symposium was a tribute to Democritus, hosted at his hometown; attempting to follow the evolution of the atomic theory. The story begins with Democritus single acceptance: “Nothing exists except atoms and empty space; everything else is opinion” and reached out today’s CERN’s accomplishments. It was an initiative of the Municipality of Avdera and it is co-organized by the UNESCO Chair Con-E-Ect along with CERN The symposium was also supported by the Democritus University, the National Technical University of Athens and the East Macedonia and Thrace Region. The Symposium was included as part of the long term agreement that the Chair signed with the Municipality of Avdera is the effort that the latter is doing to develop it’s ecotourism development strategy based on the rich history.


Photos from the 1st International Symposium


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