The Chair focuses on four (4) essential themes:

  • Environmental Sciences
  • Culture & History
  • Education & Training
  • Ecotourism

Environmental Sciences

The Chair will focus on strategies that can improve the management of riparian and deltaic ecosystems globally, the ecophysiology of natural resources emphasizing on the soil and water resources and the investigation of the effects of climate change. Furthermore, the Chair aims to develop mechanisms that protect the ecosystems against all natural or manmade disasters.

Culture & History

The Chair will create a pioneering “Cultural Ark”, which will be a digital database aiming to collect, record and digitalize all the cultural and historical characteristics of the region of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace for future generations. The data of the “Cultural Ark” will be available to everyone in a variety of ways (website, mobile applications, exhibitions, etc.). One vital goal of this cultural pillar is for this database to be a model for similar cultural and historical programs globally in order to preserve and disseminate valuable knowledge with respect to the environment.

Education & Training

The Chair will develop educational materials and programs based on new technologies in order to train local communities living in such ecosystems and to establish innovative ecotourism projects that not only provide financial growth to the region but also protect the environment and provide knowledge regarding the riparian and deltaic ecosystems.


The Chair will investigate and collect material from ecotourism programs around the world in order to investigate and publish the most efficient strategies for ecotourism depending on the specific characteristics of ecosystems, budget and cultural aspects.


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