The New ERASMUS + project on Sustainable Water Management in the Eastern Mediterranean

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George Zaimes and Olga Papantsiou presented and participated in the Kick-off meeting of the ERASMUS + project “Innovations in Water Education Programs: Enhancing Water Security and Socio-economic Development in the Eastern Mediterranean under Climate Change (WaSec)(598480-EPP-1-2018-1-PS-EPPKA2 -CBHE-JP).” The Kick-off meeting was held in the Dead Sea, Jordan, from February 27th 2019 till March 2nd, 2019 with all 13 partners participating. The Palestine Technical University - Kadoorie is the coordinator and the International Hellenic University (former EMaTTech) and the UNESCO Chair-Con-E-Ect is a partner. Its specific objectives are: a) develop a Water Network among institutions involved in water management to promote universities and enterprise collaboration; b) develop new or updated courses on water management with the true integration of enterprises in English and Arabic; c) provide graduates specialized knowledge in water resource management for the Eastern Mediterranean region that understand climate change implications; d) implement courses with clear learning outcomes and materials, accredited in all partner countries, jointly taught and delivered and tailored to utilize new technologies;  e) develop a virtual learning platform with learning materials in digital format to facilitate learning and assessment; f) run and assess the pilot courses in the partner countries; g) disseminate the results in order to be adopted by universities from other countries of the region; and h) exploit the results by organizing knowledge transfer to other practitioners. For more information on the WaSec project check the website:, twitter: @CoWasec and Facebook: WaSec CoFunded by Erasmus+.


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