Virtual School

The Virtual School aimed to educate students on how to deal with natural disasters and to protect them from such hazards by using Mixed Reality technologies, and to be trained on the use of threedigit emergency numbers. Students are asked to build a 3D model of their school, and use cuttingedge technologies (Augmented Reality) to train in dealing with natural disasters (earthquake, flood, fire, injury, etc.). The pilot implementation of the action (September 15th - October 15th, 2019) aimed to create a network of 10 innovative schools, with a focus on isolated and remote schools in Greece and Cyprus. The pilot action, which ran voluntarily and involved 13 teachers and 182 students. This action was implemented by UNESCO Chair CONEECT, the MSc Program Analysis and Management of Manmade and Natural Disasters and the Research Laboratory AETMA and presented on 18th October 2019, at the Workshop “Establishing a Trans-European Coordination, Education and Training Network to Tackle Natural Disasters and Technological Hazards”.


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