The future of South-East Europe and the Mediterranean in the context of Climate Change: A UNESCO perspective

Valasia Iakovoglou and George Zaimes from the UNESCO Chair Con-E-Ect were selected to participate in conference title “The future of South-East Europe and the Mediterranean in the context of Climate Change: a UNESCO perspective” that was held in Venice, ITALY, 6th -8th November 2019. Some of the aims of 
the UNESCO conference  were to: a) highlight challenges and problems Mediterranean sites are facing in relation with climate changes, exchanges between on 
which are the main strategies and actions they are carrying out; b) provide a venue for MAB biosphere reserves, geoparks and world heritage properties located close to the coast of the Mediterranean Sea to discuss the cooperative efforts and potential synergies; c) share knowledge, best practices and lessons learned on wa
ter and ocean governance and climate change adaptation in the Mediterranean region; d) Identify means to support UNESCO sites, notably through UNESCO programs such as IHP and IOC and MAB in being effective in better adapting to climate change; e) Strengthen UNESCO’s regional network of stakeholders of experts working in climate related areas, notably those working in, with or for UNESCO sites; f) explore how climate change education and ESD can contribute to changing minds on 
climate in the region; and g) identify key issues, challenges, and partners to 
be involved in developing a project proposal to support UNESCO sites in the region as they adapt to the new realities brought about by climate change. Valasia and George learned on what UNESCO future efforts on climate mitigation intend to be in the Mediterranean, and also established new contact of UNESCO Chairs and Sites that should lead to future collaborations. 
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