UNESCO Chair Con-E-Ect visit UNESCO’s Headquarters in Paris, France.

By George N. Zaimes

Dimitrios Emmanouloudis and George N. Zaimes, visited the UNESCO’s Headquarters on February 21st, 2020. The UNESCO’s Headquarters, is a treasure of modern architecture and the fruit of collaboration between several iconic architects of the twentieth century such as Bernard Zehrfuss, Marcel Breuer and Luigi Nervi. During this visit they met Ms Inga Nichanian UNITWIN/UNESCO Chairs Programme, Section of Higher Education. The discussion with Ms Inga Nichanian was very fruitful since she provided insights on how to enhance the collaboration with other UNESCO chairs and improve Con-E-Ect effectiveness in regard to its activities. This was a first to further collaborate with UNESCO Headquarters.

UNESCO article Paris Headquarters foto1


UNESCO article Paris Headquarters foto2


UNESCO article Paris Headquarters foto3


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