UNESCO Chair Con-E-Ect visit CESI Ecole D’ Ingénieurs in Paris, France.

By George N. Zaimes

Dimitrios Emmanouloudis and George N. Zaimes, UNECSCO Chair Con-E-Ect and Eleni Apostolidou, Laboratory of Alternative Energy resources – Heat transfer, International Hellenic University visited the CESI École d' Ingénieurs in Paris France, February 19th, 2020. The initial visit took place aa the CESI Headquarters. During these meeting Catherine Vauclair, Deputy Dean of studies, Chantal Hurard,  Head of collaborative programmes, Karine Gourlet, Officer - International relations and Stéphanie Dumortier, Head of International relations from CESI participated. The purpose of the meeting to enhance collaboration so there were presentations of the ongoing research projects at LINEACT, IHU and Con-E-Ect and discussions on mobility opportunities. The second meeting took place at the CESI, Nanterre Campus. In the Nanterre Campus Lionel Poisson, Director of civil engineering unit in Nanterre, CESI Graduate School of Engineering and CESFA and Stéphanie Dumortier visited the CESI Fablabs and teaching facilities to see the innovative teaching and research methods they utilize. This type of labs could also be adopted by UNESCO Con-E-ECt and IHU in the future. Overall, the meetings were very productive some the great potential of future collaborations among IHU, Con-E-Ect and CESi.


UNESCO article Paris CESI foto1


UNESCO article Paris CESI foto2


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