Msc Man And Water


Water is a worldwide natural resource which is indissolubly connected with human’s existence through their eternal interaction. Thus, the relations between man and water by the ecological, technological, political or biomedical aspect comprise a crux of studying.

The MSc program “Man and Water” (MAW), is a brand new and unique worldwide program which aims to address water challenges by the most integrated perspective and always by the prism of man’s intervention. The MAW MSc provides a holistic approach of water related issues by involving several sectors of water such as water management both in water surplus or water demand conditions, energy use, climate change and water legislation. The program is designed to equip the graduates with the ability to work in professional water domain environments where academic skills are required. Graduates will be able to design, develop and apply solutions for water while meeting society’s and environment’s needs within the framework of climate change.

The program will be held by specialists with an advanced knowledge of water and environmental management. Participants will be encouraged to have a pivotal role in their teaching procedure through discussions and presentations while boosting their practical skills by field work, site visits and laboratory sessions.

The MSc is organized by the UNESCO Chair Con-E-Ect which is established in Eastern Macedonia and Thrace Institute of Technology.

Funds needed: The organization and implementation of such MSc program requires 120-140.000€/ year. However, the new law ruling the MSc organization that was recently voted by the Ministry of Education, prohibit us on charging fees higher than 3000€/ student. The MSc program will be limited to 35 students/year and that will eventually contribute just 87.500€/year. Therefore, funding support will be needed to sustain the program.

The program’s deliverables will be 35 master thesis in excellence on water management thematic.



  • students of our region (Eastern Macedonia and Thrace) in an attempt to minimize brain- drain, professionals of our area,   EMaTTech’s undergraduate students willing to continue their studies and remain as a qualified academic staff
  • women that are the population group mostly affected by the financial crisis
  • policy makers,
  • regional and local authorities staff,
  • individuals,
  • civil protection staff.


  ⦁ Watershed Management and Hydrology – Basics 
  ⦁ Water Energy Food – Nexus 
  ⦁ Ecohydrology and Ecosystem-Based Approaches 
  ⦁ GIS for Water Management 
  ⦁ Water, Economics, Law and Governance 
SECOND SEMESTER (semester of specialization) (30 ECTS)
Compulsory courses of the specialization
  ⦁ Specialization in terms of water scarcity (18 ECTS)
  ⦁ Science on Sustainable Water - Water Conservation Techniques 
  ⦁ Drought & Vegetation 
  ⦁ Climate Change, Water Scarcity and Human Health 
  ⦁ Specialization in terms of water excess (18 ECTS)
  ⦁ Flood Risk Analysis and Management –Hydroiformatics 
  ⦁ Riparian and Deltaic Areas Ecology and Management 
  ⦁ Water Quality and Pollution: Assessment, Standards and criteria

  ⦁ History of Water on Earth – Human Needs and Impacts 
  ⦁ Urban Sprawl and Hydrology 
  ⦁ Green technologies and soil/fluvial bioengineering for Water Management 
  ⦁ Water; the Renewable Energy 
  ⦁ Water Resources Statistics 
  ⦁ Ecosystem and water conservation through Ecotourism practice 
During the final six months, after the completion of their specialization, students are asked to write their master thesis based on a project undertaken in a relevant company or a research center. The academic staff has increased mobility as stakeholders of a country and will be invited to give a series of lectures in other modules as part of their teaching.

The scientific mobility is also important in the sense that academic staff may accompany students during a period or all of their training in a partner.


This MSc program has a duration of 18 months and we intend to organize it for 5 successive


We aiming at organizing a MSc in Man and Water in high scientific standards. The branding
campaign of this Program will be based on the highly specialized, international academic staff.
At this Program we aim to engage World Famous specialists and academics in the field of water
management and Eco-Hydrology and therefore implement an MSc program that could offer a
competitive professional advantage to our students. Moreover, through this program we aim on
training students that may become our future researchers and PHD students that we would be
more than happy to incorporate in the near future as Academic staff.

Also, we plan on implementing the program merely in English and addressed to 35 very well -
qualified students. Keeping the student numbers small we will safeguard their market
competitiveness once graduating.





  • Invest in new partnerships with the UN and UNESCO Chairs and Partners
  • Highlight your involvement in the international purposes and leadership of the Chair
  • Official Sponsor Status
  • Exclusivity among Sponsors at a given level
  • Use of Logos, Trademarks and specific Naming Rights
  • Events, Workshops and Seminar Signage rights (local, regional, national and international level)
  • Inclusion in media releases and other media contacts
  • Inclusion in advertisements and event promotional pieces
  • Promotional media advertising based on the activity of the Chair
  • Showcase Sponsor’s activities in all the aspects related to the Chair
  • Share mutual vision with employees, customers and stakeholders
  • Demonstrate mutual commitment to building a better world for the environment, education and culture
  • Access to deliverable: MSc MAN and WATER Program Manual UNITWIN/UNESCO Program
  • MSc graduates could undertake internships in your company
  • Your company could indicate thesis topics of the company’s interests



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