Candidacy for two UNESCO schools in the Region of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace



One of the primary aspirations of the Con-E-Ect Unesco Chair , is to achieve to subsume two more schools of the Region of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace, in this global and entrepreneurial network. The UNESCO Associated Schools Network (ASPnet) was founded in 1953 and aims to link educational institutions across the world around a common goal: to build the defenses of peace in the minds of children and young people. The 10,000 ASPnet member schools in over 180 countries, work in support of international understanding, peace, intercultural dialogue, sustainable development and quality education in practice. ASPnet operates at both international and national levels.

Ιn the framework of the ASPnet Programme, the Hellenic National Committee for UNESCO, in collaboration with the Head of International Educational Relations of Ministry and Religions Affairs, has developed a school network, which numerates more than 150 educational units of all grades, and strives for the diffusion of the institution, the closer connection with the Unesco Chairs all over the world, as well as for the increase in the number of schools which are under affiliation, by giving emphasis in the remoted areas such as the Region of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace, taking into consideration that there is an almost absolute lack of ASPnet schools in the above mentioned region.

Τhe goals of the Programme could be summarized in the fields of Creation, Teaching - Learning and Interaction among the participant schools. The programme aims to ameliorate the overall quality of education and especially the ethical, cultural and international aspects by developing effective teaching approaches, methods and materials. Thus, the network produces multiplicative results through the diffusion of the information so that schools out of the network can therefore realize similar activities. A plethora of examples have been noted where ASPnet has essentially contributed to educational reforms among the state-parties.




Unesco schools offer a wide range of benefits to students, teachers, young people and local society through several actions such as seminars, workshops, national, regional or international flagship projects, conferences and contests.


 The total duration of the actual activity is predicted to be one year so that the most appropriate two schools of the Region will be selected. The strategic plan of selection will be based on several bilateral contacts, meetings and co operations with all the involved sectors. Therefore, the collection, analysis and assessment of data will lead to the creation of a “school map” which will illustrate the existing situation of all the school units regarding the Region of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace. A final evaluation will indicate the two dominant schools which will be in close collaboration with the Con-E-Ect Chair until the submission of the final nomination.


Your company can contribute as a sponsor to development of the candidacy files for two UNESCO Schools in our Region,  allocating resources to the budget necessary for compilation of those files.

Sponsor’s benefits can be summarized below and may be adjusted based on sponsor request:

  • Invest in new partnerships with the UN and UNESCO Chairs and Partners
  • Highlight your involvement in the international purposes and leadership of the Chair
  • Official Sponsor Status
  • Exclusivity among Sponsors at a given level
  • Use of Logos, Trademarks and specific Naming Rights
  • Events, Workshops and Seminar Signage rights (local, regional, national and international level)
  • Inclusion in media releases and other media contacts
  • Inclusion in advertisements and event promotional pieces
  • Promotional media advertising based on the activity of the Chair
  • Showcase Sponsor’s activities in all the aspects related to the Chair
  • Share mutual vision with employees, customers and stakeholders
  • Demonstrate mutual commitment to building a better world for the environment, education and culture
  • Access to deliverable: UNESCO Schools Candidacy files
  • MSc graduates could undertake internships in your company
  • Your company could indicate thesis topics of the company’s interests


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